Sustainable & Healthy Salmon

By Rebecca Carden — September 24, 2014

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We have really busted our guts trying to find a sustainable salmon supplier we trust & Ora King Salmon is the only one we choose.

Wild salmon is incredibly hard to source and the ridiculous food miles incurred when importing wild salmon from places like Canada, Norway or Scotland outweigh the health benefits.

Not to mention the fact that all wild salmon is imported frozen and just cannot be obtained fresh in the Southern Hemisphere.

Ora King is the only sustainable salmon that is responsibly farmed and 100% free from hormones, antibiotics, GMO’s, BSE’s, processed without chemicals, kept in uncontaminated waters and humanely harvested. As a bonus, heavy metal levels are very low.

All feed used for their salmon is World Wildlife Fund certified and is fully traceable.

Why don’t we use Tasmanian salmon when it’s right on our doorstep??

Tasmania’s salmon industry is worth 350 million dollars and is growing rapidly. Atlantic salmon has become a staple on Australian tables. But the critics contend that while salmon is marketed as a clean green super food that’s grown in pristine waters off Tasmania, the reality is it’s more like the battery hen of the sea. They say a large number of antibiotics and other chemicals are used during farming, and that huge amounts of wild fish need to be caught to feed the hungry salmon.

Figures published by the fishing industry show that in the years 2006 to 2008 almost 18 tonnes of the antibiotics oxytetracycline and amoxicillin were fed to Tasmanian salmon. The majority appears to have been used by the dominant company Tassal. The only other significant company, Huon Aquaculture, says it only used two of the 18 tonnes.

So those are some pretty good reasons why we don’t use locally sourced ‘sustainable’ salmon don’t you think!!

Getting your dose of Omega 3’s has never been so yummy particularly when it’s combined with walnuts and roast beetroot as it is with our Omega Salmon Salad.

Making sure our ingredients are as pure as possible is at the forefront of our minds as is helping you reach optimal health and wellbeing.

It may not be organic salmon but it’s the absolute best we could do without incurring thousands of food miles and receiving frozen stock.

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