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Say Hi to our Organic Meat Supplier

Author: Rebecca Carden February 11, 2014

In order to provide complete transparency to you our super awesome customers, we want to showcase our fantastic suppliers. Without further ado say hello to Cherry Tree Organics our grass fed, organic meat supplier of choice.

‘Cherry Tree Downs’ is a certified organic beef and lamb farm located 165 kilometres from Melbourne in picturesque South Gippsland.  Cherry Tree grow, butcher and deliver all of their meat themselves thus enabling them to follow their animals from ‘Paddock to Plate’.

Ethically produced and great tasting beef and lamb are at the forefront of their minds. They aspire to provide total transparency around this process and provide you with the best quality meat possible directly from their farm.

In an effort to farm for the future, they have implemented environmentally sustainable farming principles enabling stock to grow in a natural and healthy environment without the need for artificial inputs.  They don’t use any pesticides, artificial fertilisers, hormones or antibiotics; instead following organic farming principles.

Producing quality beef and lamb starts with creating healthy soil.  The soils at ‘Cherry Tree Downs’ are balanced with natural minerals and full of microbes; soil testing has confirmed a fertile environment with abundant soil life.  Top quality soil creates nutritious pastures, which leads to healthy cattle and lambs and finally great tasting beef and lamb containing essential vitamins and minerals.

The farm is fully sustainable, a running creek and dams on the property provide water for all stock on the property.  They have planted native trees all over the farm to give their animals’ shelter, wind protection and to allow for re-vegetation.  This along with the clean, unpolluted air and sea breezes provides an optimal environment for their animals to grow in.

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Animals are shifted onto fresh pasture and water daily; this ensures the stock have the best possible nutrition.  Cherry Tree uses low stress stock handling methods to ensure stock are quiet and content.

All cattle and lambs are raised on their mother’s milk until they naturally wean themselves.  Stock are then raised on fresh organic pasture, they are never fed any grain at any stage of their lives – 100% grass fed beef and lamb.

Cattle and lambs raised at ‘Cherry Tree Downs’ enjoy a low stress life in a natural environment, ethical considerations are foremost in our minds – not only is this kind to their animals but it results in better quality meat for you.

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