Salt is essential to good health

By Rebecca Carden — April 14, 2014

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Salt is essential to good health and one of the most critical nutrients on earth for humans. Yet it’s one of the most “beat-up” by the media and medical industry.

In fact, chances are you’ve heard some of the following BS at some point from somewhere…

”Salt clogs your arteries. Salt causes high blood pressure. Salt makes you retain fluid. Salt causes osteoporosis. Salt is harmful for diabetics. Salt can cause all kinds of health problems and you should avoid it!”

 It’s really such a load of crap.

In fact, Salt gets rid of fluid retention, drops your blood pressure (with hydration) solves osteoporosis and helps with diabetes + so much more.

For decades the pharmaceutical industry has funded the push to reduce the salt intake of humanity because they know that consuming salt prevents and heals virtually any known infection, inflammation and toxic overwhelm in the body.

Salt is a vital substance for the survival and health of all living creatures.

I’m talking about pure and unrefined salt found in nature, NOT regular table salt that has had toxic chemicals (typically aluminium) added to it so that it doesn’t cake together.

salt is essential to good health

Salt in water is a great way to add minerals and help to regulate the fluid inside and outside your cells.

People may retain water at first because they are chronically dehydrated but keep it up (1 litre of water per 22kg’s of body weight with a good size pinch of salt in each litre (you won’t even taste it)

. Salt can also be used to flush you out in times of illness. 1 tbls in a litre of water can prevent colds and Flu if caught early, as it clears the system of the backed up bacteria and other toxic accumulation.

We use Pink Himalayan or Celtic Sea Salt here at My Goodness Organics because it contains an amazing cross section of over 80 minerals and organic elements which help balance out your body’s pH, normalise our metabolic systems, strengthen our bones and promote detoxification amongst awesome reasons.

Make the switch today from your standard Table Salt to a wild harvested salt and don’t be afraid to get salty!

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