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Paleo Meal Delivery Options

Author: Rebecca Carden November 03, 2014

That’s right. The Spring/ Summer menu is now available to order.

We’re really excited about what we’ve got in store to offer you no matter what your dietary preferences may be. Whether you are after a Paleo meal delivery service, Vegan, Vegetarian, Pescatarian or meals suitable for the I Quit Sugar program; we have expanded our offerings at either end of the spectrum to give you more variety and flexibility with your meal options.

Please note that we are unable to cater specifically for Low FODMAP or Low Fructose individuals. We’re so sorry but we just can’t be everything for everyone as much as we would love to be.

Soups have been removed from our Dinner Menu’s altogether, carbs have been lowered for those choosing to eat the paleo way, fermented veggies for happy tummies have been increased and we’ve upped the number of savoury breakfast items for you as well.

Nutritional density will remain simply awesome and our focus on food as medicine to get the best results for your body uncompromised. Flavours will only get better and better as we are taking you around the world with our menus.

Yes we have been listening to you and we really do appreciate all of the feedback that you have taken the time to pass our way. All of us here at My Goodness Organics are striving to create the best offerings and service possible and we couldn’t do that without your very valuable input.

Thank you so much everyone for your ongoing support and for helping us nourish Melbourne and make healthier, happier communities

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