Our Organic Produce Supplier- Organic Empire

By Rebecca Carden — January 14, 2014

Organic Produce

Organic Empire is our fresh, organic produce supplier of choice. Every week we receive a van load of beautiful organic fresh fruit and veggies just begging to be cooked up with love into nourishing and nutritionally dense meals.

Organic Empire was formed from out of one woman’s true love and passion for fresh, healthy and ‘tasty’ food. Founder and nutritionist Angela Gioffre’s social awareness and passion for health and the environment is what drives this fantastic business and the commitment to delivering the best organic produce available.

Angelas vision is to get Australian’s living and leading healthier and happier lives.

What separates the Organic Empire from the majority of other home delivery services is their unique farm to door service. Organic Empire is based in the Yarra Valley, a beautiful growing mecca for organic produce and a host of downright brilliant organic farmers that believe in growing great tasting fresh organic produce without nasty chemicals. They even grow produce on their OWN farm! Quite literally it’s picked and delivered to us on the same day…how cool is that?

Organic Empire are committed to connecting communities with local farmers, artisans and food producers. This means fresher produce is delivered to us, fair trade terms for the farmers, better care for the environment, and high quality produce bursting with nutrition.

Organic Empire values sustainability, they love to give back, and they love the idea of a healthy happy world, free of lifestyle diseases and illnesses. They believe that eating well is for everyone. That’s why they donate organic fresh foods to local charities each week. Feeding people organics that couldn’t normally afford is something Ange is passionate about. Organics are not a luxury item, they are a necessity and the way nature intended us to eat.

Wherever possible Organic Empire source our produce and groceries from local farmers and producers, contributing to and supporting the local economy ensuring that they are a socially sustainable. Organic Empire are committed to working in harmony with local eco systems, local farmers and artisans and the only way to do that is to encourage and support new growers, especially small local family and cooperative farms.

All the produce Organic Empire sells is sustainable in every meaning of the word, whether it be certified organic, biodynamic or chemical free. In order to have clean nutritious food, you need to have a sustainable source. Organic Empire fosters a close relationship with their organic farmers and suppliers, to ensure that we receive the freshest organic produce.

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