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Organic Cold Pressed Juice Cleanses are Awesome

Author: Rebecca Carden December 01, 2014

What’s so good about Organic Cold Pressed Juice Cleanses you wonder? Why the hell would I give up food for a week you ponder?

As we eat a regular diet, we store energy from the calories we consume. So, for the first two or three days of a fast, the body runs on glycogen, which is glucose stored in the liver. After this energy is depleted, the body switches to rapidly burning its own fat through a process called ketosis. This, in turn, creates stem cells, which have an amazing ability to promote profound healing where ever needed, throughout the body.

Organic cold pressed juice cleanses gives your digestive organs the signal to reset and switch from digesting to detoxing. After years of eating three meals a day, we all store up toxins from processed foods, foods treated with pesticides and herbicides and the chemicals that are absorbed through our skin via cleaning products and skin care. Every day of fasting allows the digestive system to push a little farther and cleanse a little more. And fasting with organic juices gives your body the energy it needs to sustain this process.

One of the biggest breakthroughs is the revelation that we can naturally reverse and heal from chronic disease through fasting. Dr. Herbert M. Shelton has pioneered research on autolyzing tumors. This means that the body, when lacking protein from fasting, can actually deconstruct proteins that compose tumors, polyps, cysts, abcesses and viruses. These essential amino acids can then be remetabolized to rebuild clean body tissue. (The body will burn diseased proteins before good, lean muscle or clean tissue.)

Every day of juice cleansing stimulates neurons in the brain. And if you go beyond two or three days, the brain actually forms new neural networks—your brain literally grows and rebuilds itself!

So why does it have to be organic and cold pressed you ask? Well it’s simple really, why bother doing a juice cleanse if you are just going to flood your system with pesticides and chemicals from conventional produce! Those are the exact things you are trying to remove from your body… not introduce.

Conventional centrifugal juicing heats and damages the cells of the vegetables as they are being juiced thanks to the very high RPM motors. Think of it as millions of teeth ripping into the vegetable and tearing it to shreds at high speed. It’s not a gentle process and it doesn’t get the best out of the cold pressed juice cleanses

Cold pressed juicing on the other hand is far more gentle because it uses a big masticating ball called an auger which spins very slowly and massages the juice out of the produce. The vegetables are not heated and therefore you get the absolute most out of the produce.

So there’s a couple of reasons to have a crack at a juice cleanse. What’s a week out of 52 with nothing but juice in your bell.

Oh and if you’re scared of feeling hungry, grab a jar of coconut oil and have a couple of spoonfuls throughout the day. It will only serve to enhance the detox process whilst keeping hunger pains at bay.

Until next time!

You can check out all of our organic cold pressed juice cleanse packages here and read more about the benefits of it here.

Kris Carr also has a great blog post here all about the benefits of juicing and why it’s for everyone.

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