Melbourne Paleo Meal Delivery Service. Do We Offer It?

By Rebecca Carden — March 29, 2014

Table Meals

We get quite a few questions here at My Goodness Organics HQ as to whether our menu’s are for those wanting a Melbourne Paleo Meal Delivery Service….the short answer – YES!

We aren’t massive fans of labelling ourselves with any one style of eating given that we love to nourish everybody from Vegan, Vegetarian and Pescetarian customers all the way through to Paleo lovers. We prefer to advocate a simple diet rich in whole food nourishment.

Michael Pollan sums it up pretty well for us with his statement “eat food, not too much, mostly plants”.


That said, if you would like a completely paleo meal delivery service, we can completely grant your wish.

We don’t use refined and rancid vegetable oils, our meat is organic and grass fed, our preferred “grains” are mostly seeds (quinoa and buckwheat but you can leave these out) and our sweeteners are all natural and unrefined.

….. oh and we love lots of good fats for happy hormones and stable energy!

For us, this is the framework by which we create our menus and we believe we do a pretty good job of maximising your nutrition each and every day.

We believe that the Paleo lifestyle has some pretty fantastic benefits to offer us nutritionally but hey, so does eating Vegan or Raw. Bio Individuality is super important as we are each different. What suits one persons body may not suit yours.

Check out what Steph Lowe aka The Natural Nutritionist had to say about her week with us.

We are not hear to judge, we are here to provide EVERYONE with convenient, whole food nourishment, whatever that means to YOU.

If you’ve got any specific questions for us regarding Paleo menu items, feel free to drop us a line as we would love to hear from you!

Either way you lean, having our organic healthy meals delivered is going to help you on the path to achieving better health and wellbeing.

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