Is Gluten Affecting Your Skin

By Rebecca Carden — September 08, 2014

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It’s International Eczema Awareness Week.

Did you know that Australia actually has the highest incidence of Eczema in the world, with 30% of Aussie kids living with Eczema according to the Australian Eczema Foundation. That’s pretty crazy isn’t it.

It’s especially crazy when Eczema is directly linked to diet. In particular Gluten and Dairy. So is gluten affecting your skin?

We’ve spoken before about how gluten and processed dairy are considered highly inflammatory foods and can have significant negative repercussions for our health.

Poor gut health is often attributed to these two food groups and an inflamed gut contributes to skin conditions.

 Studies have shown that both stress and gut inflammation can impair the integrity and protective function of the epidermal skin barrier. This in turn leads to an increase in the severity of infection and inflammation in the skin leading to conditions such as eczema, acne, rosacea etc


Improve your gut health and you should be able to improve the quality of your skin markedly.

My Goodness Organics can play a part in your healing process by making going gluten and dairy free an absolute cinch! And sugar free just for good measure. You won’t even know they’re not around we promise and you will feel a zillion times better for it.

Add in some bone broth with your order and you’ve got a pretty fabulous foundation to get your skin looking amazing and you feeling healthy and terrific.

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