I Quit Sugar and My Goodness Organics

By Rebecca Carden — November 17, 2014


Unless you’ve been living on a tropical island somewhere in the far South Pacific the last year, everyone has heard of the I Quit Sugar Program created by Sarah Wilson.

We’ve lost count of the number of people we bump into who are either doing the program or have done it, usually with great success which is awesome! Programs like I Quit Sugar have really highlighted and brought the dangers of sugar consumption into the mainstream awareness which is only of benefit to the health of the greater community.

So, with this in mind, we thought it might be useful to talk about how our service fits into the I Quit Sugar model.

For a start, the dietary recommendations of IQS vs MGO are very similar with the exception of dairy consumption and our use of some unrefined natural sugars.

Dairy is problematic for such a large chunk of the population that we feel it’s best left alone or in very small quantities due to it’s inflammatory nature. Whereas IQS are big advocates, albeit it of the best quality, organic dairy you can afford.

Please note that we aren't a 100% sugar free company. We are 100% refined sugar free but we do still include fruit and the use of natural unrefined sweeteners such as date paste, brown rice syrup, maple syrup and coconut sugar.

As Sarah’s quote above mentions, high quality protein (read adequate, not excessive or high levels) and plenty of healthy fats are the key to killing sugar addiction and all it’s nasty cravings.

We advocate enough protein to satiate every day (80g per day covers most peoples requirements or the equivalent of 1 chicken breast!) and enough good quality fat to keep you full, provide long lasting energy and prevent blood sugar crashes.

Fat, oh we love fat but only the good kind Coconut oil, avocado, activated seeds and nuts are where it’s at for us. They provide such great nutritional density, work to stabilise our hormones and overall endocrine system, keep our brains firing at peak performance AND keep us full and free of sugar cravings.

i quit sugar

Lots of veggies. No arguments here and no further comment needed .

Keeping the carbs minimal is also crucial. For anyone with Autoimmune Diseases, Gluten, which is present in most grains is your biggest threat. Cut it out and let the road to healing begin.

Keeping fructose levels low is of such great benefit and not just for those with Fructose Malabsorption issues. Fructose puts unnecessary strain on the liver and pancreas and causes elevated insulin in our body which overtime can lead to a host of conditions. The main sweeteners we use are Brown Rice Syrup and Stevia because they are both Fructose Free. We also keep the use of dates as low as possible.

There can be a bit of an adjustment period for people when trying our food because they are unused to the lack of sugar. This is much the same response that those completing the IQS program experience. Withdrawal symptoms happen but you get over them and you feel a thousand times better as a result.

Our daily average calorie count is right on par with both MGO and IQS varying between 1700- 2000 depending on whether snacks are included.

So there you have it. If you have been contemplating whether you should do the IQS program, we can take the leg work out of it for you because what My Goodness Organics provides is the IQS program embodied…. just a lot easier for you!

A word of warning - if you are shopping around for the right healthy meal delivery service, please do yourself a favour and thoroughly investigate the ingredients lists for hidden sugar. There are many companies that sneak in refined sugars under the guise of healthy marketing.

For some great user friendly advice on fructose and where it hides check this article out.

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