Beat the Flu Naturally

By Rebecca Carden — June 23, 2014

Boost Immunity

Our bodies are equipped for protection and there are so many ways we can beat the flu naturally. When we do right by them, they’ll carry us through winter without too much of a hitch. Sure, we may get a minor cold, the sniffles, or a fever, but that isn’t really anything to panic over or go reaching for antibiotics.

Every Winter when we turn on the telly we’re inundated with pleas to rush to the doctor to have a flu jab. Just let our immune systems do their jobs!

Colds and flu’s are just symptoms of our bodies cleansing themselves of bugs and other invaders. When we suppress this process with drugs like Codral for example– or try to stop it from occurring altogether with a vaccine – we’re messing with a natural process that really only has our best interest at heart.

We get sick when our immune systems aren’t functioning properly. So, it only makes sense that in order to prevent sickness, we should boost our immune systems. Right?

What’s in the flu vaccine?
 There’s a lot of nasty side effects associated to the list of chemicals contained in the flu vaccine. If you would like to see a list of what’s going into your body when you get the jab, click here and scroll to the last page. They are all chemicals and they all have toxic effects (there’s not one drug on the planet that doesn’t). The vaccine is just not something you want to introduce into your body. The ironic thing is that those that do get the jab often report being sick more frequently after the vaccine. Go figure.

Here’s how to boost your immunity naturally and ward off colds and flu’s:

1. Eat lots of veggies- 
Fresh, organic vegetables are true superfoods when it comes to building up your immune system. Vitamin C loaded veggies are particularly powerful, our salads are loaded with kale, cauliflower, broccoli and other cruciferous veggies that pack an immune boosting nutritional punch.

2. Drink fresh juices and bone broth every day- 
The quickest and best way to get the nutrients held in fresh veggies into your system is by juicing them. Juicing turns your veggies into a potent, life-boosting elixir that is immediately absorbed by your cells. Our Love Your Liver Juice is a flu busting tonic loaded with fresh ginger and lemon, the Probiotic Elixir is teeming with an abundance of probiotics, turmeric and ginger. Everything you need for a thriving immune system.

Our bone broth is exceptional immune support throughout the seasons by nourishing the gut where most of our immune system is produced. Whether you choose beef, vegan or even our Chicken Noodle Soups - you are doing your body wonders.


3. Drink cold & flu fighting tonics
- We love drinking teas made from lemon, ginger and honey in the cooler months. These ingredients are immunising, anti-bacterial, and anti-viral.
Get one in you nightly and you’ll be powering through the cold. We also love Yogi Tea for their amazing herbal concoctions. Jump online and order them through iherb.

4. The natural flu shot you don’t need the doctors for- 
Combine this in a shot glass: Ginger juice, lemon juice, turmeric juice and raw honey. Shot it down daily at the first sign of a cold and let it work its magic OR try our Probiotic Elixir which is included in our Juice Cleanse programs.

5. Take some supplements- 
When your immune system is under threat, extra supplementation can be handy. Good ones for strong immune systems include zinc, vitamin C, D and a well rounded probiotic because all good health begins with a healthy gut.

6. Use Essential Oils- Honestly us essential oil users rarely get sick and if we do, we can knock it on the head real quick. doTerra's On Guard Oil Blend is an incredible mix of powerful immune boosters and that support and nourish our own natural defences. It's highly effective against colds and flu's and can be used in a diffuser aromatically around your home, applied topically to the skin with carrier oil and also used in gelatin gut healing gummies or hot chocolates as a delicious way to stay well during Winter. If you have kids at child care or of school age, please invest in a Home Essentials Kit. You won't regret it and it's 20% off till the 31st of May!

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