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Autoimmune Disease – Healing it Naturally

Author: Rebecca Carden March 04, 2014

There’s been a lot of talk about Autoimmune Disease lately in our world.

My Goodness Organics has numerous customers who are in various stages of managing their disease as well as extended family members and friends.

I experienced a significant lifestyle shift as a result of having Graves Disease and it’s one of the reasons My Goodness Organics is here today feeding you.

Some examples of Auto Immune illnesses are-

Multiple Sclerosis

Type 1 Diabetes

Rheumatoid Arthritis


Chronic Fatigue Syndrome

Hashimoto’s and Graves Disease

I’ve been furthering my knowledge and research on the matter over the last few weeks and it astonishes me to find out that just over the last 20 years, the prevalence of these illnesses has more than tripled.

The research and data all points towards environmental toxins, stress, gut health and food allergens, which although worrying to read, is a relief because this also means there is so much we can do to take back control of these often obscure problems.

On a daily basis, we take in pesticides, herbicides, heavy metals, exhaust fumes and petroleum based substances which are then stored in our liver and cells. These dramatically impact upon our bodies ability to properly function.

Face cream and calendula flower

Here’s a scary fact for you…..The average woman uses 12 Skin & Body  products per day, containing over 168 ingredients (absorbing ~2kg of chemicals a year); a man goes through 6 products with 85 ingredients; a child is exposed to 5 products with 61 ingredients; whilst a teenage girl (hello autoimmune disease) is exposed to a whopping 17 products with over 230 ingredients every day. Most of which are untested safety-unproven chemicals.

I personally LOVE Dr Hauschka skin products as they are all organic, all the ingredients can be recognised (and eaten if you so desired) and they do wonders for your skin!

Gluten, dairy, wheat and sugar are each responsible for causing inflammation in the body, in particular the gut. Inflammation= Illness.

Through healing the gut and restoring the intestinal barrier, the damage can be repaired and the auto immune response can be ‘switched off’.  Forget the steroids and anti inflammation prescriptions, give it a crack the natural way.


Take out the toxins from your diet, eat nutrient-dense food, manage your stress, make sure you’re doing all the things you need to do for a healthy gut like eating fermented food (like Peace Love and Vegetables Sauerkraut which features in next weeks Miso Hungry Salad) and possibly taking probiotics if you need them.  Make sure you’re getting enough sleep, exercise and you’re having a good time in your life J

I have no doubt that cleaning up my lifestyle and removing gluten, wheat, dairy and sugar from my diet are the reasons why I have had no need for medication or treatment now in the last 5 years.

The best bit is that it was all really quite easy. Sure it took time for my body to find it’s balance again but if you think about it, we’re not talking about expensive programs, pills or appointments. We’re talking commitment with yourself, for yourself to help yourself.

We’re here to help you through our organic healthy meals delivered to your door.

My Goodness Organics can simplify the healing process for you. Let us take care of the food and nutrition side of things, the rest is time for you to enjoy!

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