An Immunity Boosting Drink

By Rebecca Carden — July 01, 2014

Turmeric Nut Milk

Following on from last weeks suggestions on how to stay healthy and free from sickness this Winter….. here’s a deliciously easy and immunity boosting recipe for you to try.

This Turmeric Coconut Chai is filled with ingredients that can give your immune system and body a natural health boost thanks to the bug killing power of turmeric and it’s mighty yum as well.

It is a powerful antiinflammatory and is popular among those with arthritis and joint problems for this reason. Turmeric is also a natural antiseptic and kills yeast and parasites when used internally.

Turmeric is well known for it’s ability to reduce the severity and longevity of viruses and colds so make it a Winter staple!

Get some BPA free coconut milk simmering away on the stovetop on a really low heat.

Add a cinnamon stick, a knob of crushed ginger & fresh turmeric if you’ve got it (otherwise turmeric powder is fine and you can use a teaspoon). Throw in a couple of crushed cardamom pods, a sprinkle of black pepper to activate and unlock the curcumin within the turmeric and some honey.

Let the flavours get to know each other for a while on super low heat and then sip away through the cold Winter nights.

Don’t stop drinking it when Winter comes to an end though as this drink is incredibly soothing and perfect to drink during times of any illness or infection.

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