Why choose an organic meal delivery service you ask?

By Rebecca Carden — September 15, 2013

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When you choose an organic meal delivery service like My Goodness Organics, you are choosing better health and improved energy levels.To put it simply….. Organic produce has a stronger life force and therefore more energy to offer you.

Putting better quality energy into your body has gotta be a good thing right? Particularly if you want your body to feel amazing, alive and well…. awesome!

Food that hasn’t had interference from pesticides and fungicides has been given the chance to fully develop its own perfect magic and as a result it just tastes better, more vibrant and exciting on your taste buds.

There’s an awesome scene from one of my favourite movies Into the Wild where the character Chris is sitting on the side of a wide open road in the back country talking to an apple he’s just plucked from a tree and in his words……

“You know, you’re really good. I mean, you’re like… a hundred, thousand times better than like any apple I’ve ever had. I’m not Superman, I’m Supertramp. You’re Superapple. You’re so tasty. You’re so organic, so natural. You’re the apple of my eye”.

I think we’ve all probably had an experience like this at some stage, for me it was eating a handful of organic strawberries and I remember thinking that holy crap I could swear I’m eating a lolly. It was so intensely sweet and rich in flavour, it was like a mini mouthful of dessert and I couldn’t remember ever eating a strawberry like that!

Besides the taste factor, who wants to unknowingly put up to 2kg of toxic chemicals into their body? So many of which have been linked directly to allergic reactions, headaches, brain development issues and cancer.

The problem is though, eating organic can be really quite expensive and it’s not something that everybody can realistically afford to go the whole hog with. That’s why there’s a Dirty Dozen list to help you prioritise when you are trying to eat organic.

If you can at least make the swap for those fruits and veg, than you are doing the best that you possibly can for your health and the environment without putting too much stress on your wallet.

30,000 tonnes of chemical waste from all those ‘cides’ runs off into our waterways and coastal areas every year and in parts of our country, is causing algal blooms as a result which sucks the oxygen out of the water and kills off all the biodiversity in the area.

If only 1000 conventional farms converted to organic production it would be the equivalent of taking 117 400 cars off the road every year and our greenhouse gas emissions would be cut by as much as 17%. That’s a pretty cool by-product of supporting organic as well.

Speak with your wallet and make even the smallest of changes with the produce that you buy. Your body and the planet will love you dearly for it

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