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My Goodness Organics – Organic Healthy Meal Delivery

Author: Rebecca CardenSeptember 15, 2013

Who are My Goodness Organics you ask?

Organic healthy meal delivery in Melbourne is what we do, nourishing as many people as possible.

Our aim is to provide ready made, delicious meals and juices that pack a nutritional punch using nothing but the best organic produce sourced locally. 

Everything we do is refined sugar free, wheat, gluten and dairy free… what other company offers that!?

Reducing inflammation is the name of our game and making you feel as vibrant as possible is our aim.

We’re a small but growing team that just loves real food, feeding people, spreading happiness and inspiration wherever possible.

We cater for almost every dietary preference, such as Vegetarian, Vegan, Paleo, Pescetarian and yes even those that eat all the things!!

My Goodness Organics began after Bec and Warren literally ate their way back to good health after a barrage of autoimmune and other inflammation related ailments. 

Organic Healthy Meal DeliveryBec and Warren

Coupled this together with seeing the so called ‘healthy convenient meal’ service a good friend was using and reading the veerrryyy long list of preservatives and artificial additives that were on the back of these packages. That stuff just couldn’t be good for you!!

So we decided to create a REAL food alternative to the already existing convenient home delivery meals services out there. A service that actually nourished your body and improved your health, not poisoned it with artificial crap.

We just know that there is a HUGE amount of people out there that love to eat real food that has not been messed with but are frustrated at the prevalence of mass produced and industrialised food manufacturers.

With more and more people becoming aware of the importance of removing all chemicals, preservatives and artificial nasties from our diet, we firmly believe there is a place for My Goodness Organics…or dare we say a need for it.

What’s our plan? To take over from the generic, spiritless convenient meal companies out there that simply deliver so called "food" full of E numbers, life extenders, acids and colours. These same companies are selling you a fear of good fats that can help speed up your metabolism, help your hormones to humm and keep your nervous system functioning properly. They are also keeping you distracted from artificial ingredients by making you count calories….often empty calories at that and other brilliant marketing ploys !!!

Through this blog we really want to share our passion with you for REAL food and REAL life.


There’s going to be a lot of awesome recipes, some great foodie tips and celebrations of our local suppliers who are doing magnificent things and deserve to be acknowledged and given a pat on the back.

We are also going to connect up with other real food lovers and bring to you their businesses so you can share their passion as well.

Sounds pretty cool doesn’t it? We must admit we’re pretty excited and really looking forward to bringing all of this to you.

Big Love to you!

xxx My Goodness Organics

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