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By Rebecca Carden — December 27, 2013

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I am constantly on the look out for those living a life less ordinary. To share with you, to inspire you, to explore with you a different way of living. We have much to be grateful for no matter how much our own lives do or do not fulfil the vision we hold for them.

Amelia Hill is living an extraordinary life.

As a once sought-after fashion and interiors stylist, writer and fashion designer with her own clothing label, Amelia’s creativity featured in glossy mags, on catwalks, and throughout campaigns for notable brands. But, for the last five years, Amelia has been confined to just one room due to a severe form of Environmental Illness/ Multiple Chemical Sensitivity and Chronic Fatigue Syndrome. Now, Amelia is on a mission, not only to heal her life …but save it too.

Misdiagnosed for 20 years, Amelia shares her amazing story with me to raise awareness for a condition which is often misunderstood. Her truly gutsy determination, unstoppable optimism and insightful spin has captured the attention of people all over the globe.

I came into contact with Amelia through Instagram, specifically through a picture that she posted of one of her meals for the day…pureed carrot. It was Amelia’s comment that she was eating her ‘400th + bowl of carrot’ that stopped me in my tracks…..What On Earth?? She must really love carrots! Turns out Amelia is on a very strict mono food rotation diet which she tells us more about below.

Be inspired by Amelia’s incredible and courageous health journey via social media and her soon to be launched website,

amazing amelia hill

Here’s our Q&A with Amelia…

What’s a normal day for you? I always have a giggle when I see the word ’normal’. Most people living with Environmental Illness/Multiple Chemical Sensitivity pray for ‘normal’ … to feel normal, to look normal, be able to do normal things like all the other normal people. Navigating each day with EI/MCS, normal becomes a thing of the past.

Because our modern world is dripping with common chemicals, toxic irritants and other potential environmental triggers, each day can pose a whole new set of challenges for the EI/MCS sufferer. Every aspect of normal everyday life is affected …what you eat, what clothes you wear, where you live , where you can go, reading a book, having a shower, hugging a friend, shopping, cooking, travel, hobbies, work, social outings….everything.

An everyday example, is paying an electricity bill. Sounds simple, right? However, an EI/MCS sufferer might not be able to even open their own mail/read the bill because the ink on the paper makes them terribly ill… but they also cannot read the bill on-line because they don’t tolerate the computer either. They can’t get to a local ATM to withdraw funds because they can’t put petrol in their car because of the fumes … or travel by public transport because of the fragrance on other passengers. They may be able arrange for a friend to drive them to the bank only to find the bank newly renovated with fresh paint and carpet, which forces them to leave immediately before they can even speak to the teller.

When there are so many variables in my day & with so many things beyond my control, normality for me, becomes refocused on the simple things.. A glass of water, sunshine on my face, and the only thing I really have dominium over, my attitude.

What foods can you eat and what food do you dream about being allowed? I have been following a strict Mono-Rotation Diet for almost 2 years. Rotation Diets are used to stabilise and sometimes eliminate food allergies, intolerances/hypersensitivity. The most common version, is a 4 Day Rotation, meaning you can only eat each food once in a 4 day period. For example, if you eat an apple on day 1, you cannot eat an apple again until day 5. Strict diets like mine, also abide by food families and also only allow foods to be eaten one at a time. For example, Breakfast for me may be a bowl of carrot puree, Lunch a bowl of Lentils. Just ONE food per meal. To minimise reactivity, everything is cooked for 2-3 hours. I have eaten this way for 700 days so far.

Believe it or not, I used to be a Raw Foodie Vegetarian. I used to make my own Almond Butter, Sprouted Essene Bread, grow my own Wheat Grass. I even taught Superfood classes and catered for several weekend Yoga Retreats. It’s a million miles and a complete backflip to where I am today!

Some people are horrified by what I eat and assume I must hate my food. Actually, it’s the exact opposite. Yes, I DO long for fresh vegetable juice, a handful of cashews, a juicy peach … but when my body began rejecting so many foods and I was left with just a handful I could tolerate …literally ,… a very interesting thing happened. I became so very grateful, so VERY grateful, for the foods I DID have … a bowl of pumpkin puree,a bowl of salmon, a bowl of cucumber … and yes, the cucumber was cooked too.

What keeps you inspired? Last year, I made the decision that I would do whatever it takes to get well again. With that commitment to myself, that oath, everything changed. In that moment, I chose to believe in myself and my ability to succeed and I chose to believe that nothing would stop me from achieving my goal of wellness. Now, every challenge I face is met with a radical new perspective. The suffering, the isolation, the obstacles, the set backs … all of the things which once shattered me now inspire me to stay focussed, stay committed to the oath I made. Every challenge spurs me forward to my destiny … 100% Perfect Vibrant Health!

What are your favourite ways to pass time and do you have a treasured book or album to get you through those harder moments?- I began reacting to books, magazines, paper & pens etc about 2 years ago.. I can only look at them through my Glass Wall. Luckily, my imagination has been my saving grace…I have created a future-self version of me and I visit with her often. This version of me is healthy, happy, full of energy, her skin glows, her eyes sparkle, she’s a success story, she is my hero. Future-self Amelia reminds me to stay focussed on my goal of absolute wellness, no matter what. On my darkest days, she’s cheering me on decked out in a pink pleated mini skirt and sparkly pompoms. After every small health milestone, she’s the first to cast me a ‘I knew you could do it’ smile. She knows I can achieve anything I put my mind to, she knows I WILL be well again, she believes in me and she has taught me to believe in myself.

Do you have a network of awesome practitioners who are helping you through your healing process? A network of Practitioners? Wouldn’t that be fantastic! I was misdiagnosed for 20 years. I sought help from countless experts and no one could help me. Some even told me I was just imagining it all. Some imagination!

Years of incorrect treatment caused my condition to deteriorate and now I am confined to just one room. Now I am too unwell to even travel to the doctor’s surgery or hospital and in case you’re wondering, Specialists do NOT make house calls and few will even take your phone call.. {Did I mention it took me 12 months to locate a dentist who was prepared to perform dental surgery in my kitchen?} There are only a handful of doctors world-wide with any clinical experience in Environmental Medicine and treatment. I, like many other EI/MCS sufferers are often left to fight this battle on their own. Searching for answers, researching treatments, organising complex tests. Can you imagine trying to save your own life without a medical degree?

Thankfully, the online EI/MCS Community is a strong one, a resourceful one, and a brave one. People living with this disabling and misunderstood condition, share information, treatments and strategies with each other empowering one another to improve their quality of life, heal themselves & raise awareness on a global scale.

Can you tell us a little about your MOD Pod, green house that is being developed? People living with EI/MCS can become hyper-sensitive and allergic to a wide range of everyday substances /objects and common chemicals. Many of these toxic offenders are found in our home’s building materials, interior fittings, furnishings and electricals. Many sufferers are forced from their homes in a desperate attempt to alleviate their disabling symptoms. They sleep in cars or in tents, many are permanently homeless.

In the right environment, a safe environment, free from toxic offenders, the body has a chance to find its balance, to detoxify, to heal. My Mod Green Pod will feature safe, inert materials and specialised construction methods. And, after living in ONE room for so many years, it will also provide me a fresh perspective and greater independence. We’ve all heard about building ‘Green’ but my little Safe House/Mod Green Pod, will not only be Eco and Planet friendly, but healthy for my body as well.

What’s your favourite affirmation, mantra or quote? I’ve harnessed the power of words throughout my health journey… to navigate through incomprehensible obstacles, extinguish the scorching flames of fear, summon much needed courage, reaffirm my dedication to wellness. Spoken, written or silently uttered, personal mantras and affirmations of power and positivity can transform any situation.

One of the most profound ones for me has simply been … ‘Everything is going to be OK’ . Many a time I have repeated those 6 words to myself over and over again, until I felt them become a part of my soul. Illness can muster an incomprehensible uncertainty and deliver an endless slew of challenges. These simple words wrapped me in peace, in reassurance and reminded me that whatever I was facing I would somehow figure it out, I would somehow make it through… That everything would be ok.

What are your big dreams, goals and aspirations? I’ve always been a big dreamer. At age 10, I was sketching entire Haute Couture collections for my sartorial debut at Paris fashion Week. Working in New York City, Petra on camel back, whale watching at Puget Sound, a great love story, a family of my own … I had BIG plans for my life. But, my life trajectory was changed forever at age 15 when I first developed symptoms of EI/MCS.

Sometimes the Universe has bigger plans for your life than you can ever imagine for yourself. Sometimes we fight it, sometimes we don’t understand it, but sometimes it’s a matter of having the courage to let go of who you thought you were in order to be the person you were always destined to become.

So there we have it.

Amelia Hill is most certainly one amazing woman isn’t she?

To face an existence such as she with grace, courage, strength and resolute belief is something to behold. She inspires me to be more grateful, more tolerant and patient as well as to never doubt my own strength and ability. Thank you Amelia!

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