Thai Tofu Salad

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A dish that reminds you of balmy Summer nights and bare feet. A base of rice noodles topped with plenty of crisp asian veggies such as cucumber, cabbage and heaps of fresh herbs to carry our delicious organic Tofu that's been tossed in aromatics. Roasted cashews and seeds plus a zippy traditional Thai dressing will put a smile on your dial.

*Please note that this dish is not fructose free, it is however low fructose. Please use your judgement if you are extremely sensitive and review the ingredients list.

Tofu, rice noodle, bok choi, cucumber, green bean, green papaya, snow pea, cashew, sunflower seed, mint, coriander, lemongrass, red chilli, garlic, herbs, rice wine vinegar, minimal coconut sugar, sesame oil, olive oil.
Thai Tofu Salad Mgo 00149