Middle Eastern Warm Hummus Salad

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Who doesn't love Hummus?! In the words of Zohan 'Hummus will bring world peace!' It's the star of this show sitting proud on top of a warm millet salad with plenty of veggies, topped with an orange and saffron dressing. Millet is an amazing gluten free source of magnesium and hydrates the colon to keep things moving along. It contains 15% protein and is a powerful systemic detoxifier. A life sustaining dish if ever there was one.

Chickpea, millet, buckwheat, carrot, tomato, parsley, spring onion, mint, chard, red onion, fresh coriander, orange, maple, saffron, white wine vinegar, spices, black pepper, celery salt.
Mgo 00132 Middle Eastern Warm Hummus Salad