Our Passion is Good Health

We’re a Melbourne based meal delivery company that just loves REAL food, nourishing people, spreading happiness and inspiration wherever possible. Our aim is to deliver great food and delicious juices and smoothies that not only taste amazing but deliver a massive vitamin and mineral punch! We strive to make food convenient and inspiring, you deserve it.

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Who's behind the My Goodness Organics juggernaut?

That would be us! Bec & Woz. This image takes us back to 2013 when we proudly purchased our first delivery vehicle (original branding even). Together we make an unstoppable team working to nourish as many people across Melbourne as possible. Our own journey began as we literally ate our way back to good health after a series of health challenges and we’ve never looked back. Our standards are exceptional and our experience has seen MGO confidently seated at the top of it's class. We would not have it any other way and we invite you all to experience Meal Delivery...as it should be!

Organic Food by Design

We cater for almost everyone including Paleo, Vegan, Vegetarian, Pescatarian and I Quit Sugar individuals. Here at My Goodness Organics, we look to inspire everyone we come into contact with on the benefits of eating a natural, organic, plant-based diet. We believe the concept of healthy eating should embrace a diet of pure, unprocessed, whole foods.

The Mission

Knowing where your food has come from and what’s in it has many benefits. We don’t believe in diets rather, creating long-term, sustainable healthy choices to help you heal, thrive and feel the best you possibly can. We serve only the best organic meats and sustainable seafood to provide healthy, hormone and chemical free protein in your diet.

My Goodness Organics believes that nothing but the best nutrition should be reaching your awesome body whilst having minimal impact on the environment at the same time. We are proud to be one of the only convenient meal delivery services that use organic produce here in Melbourne. We also love the fact that we are the only service catering for the majority of dietary intolerances and preferences.

Whether you are time poor and are after a convenient solution to meal preparation or you are wanting to create some lasting positive changes to your diet, My Goodness Organics is here for you with the added bonus of supporting a company that prides itself on low waste, low food miles, biodegradability and sustainability.

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