Are your meals suitable for Pregnant or Breastfeeding Women?

Absolutely they are! Given that our entire menu is free from dairy products and processed meats we immediately eliminate a big area of concern. We do not use raw egg in any of our sauces or include raw egg products. We also avoid the use of risky sprout products such as Mung Bean sprouts.

We do recommend that you ensure any meat protein containing dishes are thoroughly heated through till piping hot as a precaution. Our meals contain a wonderful balance of all our essential nutrients, fatty acids and protein to help you both stay super healthy and energised along the journey. Breastfeeding mumma's are very much welcomed.

What size are your meal portions?

We are very generous souls here at MGO and we show it in our portion sizes. Unlike other companies, our dinners average 430g and will certainly satisfy your hunger.

How do I heat my meals?

All meals that require heating will arrive in fully compostable and biodegradable containers which can be placed straight in your oven OR microwave depending on your personal preference.

Our dinner containers are fully heat stable up till 230 degrees celcius. We provide heating options and instructions on every meal label that are easy to follow.There are some meals that are suitable to be heated on your stovetop also.

There is no meal preparation required, simply heat, eat and enjoy :)

How do I order when I have dietary requirements?

We pride ourselves at being able to accomodate the vast majority of dietary preferences (with plenty of panache I might add). To keep things simple, look for the Dietary Filters on our Menu pages.

Selecting one (or more) of these filters will mean that only items that qualify for your preferences will be displayed. Be mindful not select too many filters together as this will limit the number of items that qualify for all filters you have selected (e.g. Selecting both Paleo and Vegan filters together is not very practical). Not having anything selected will display the entire menu. Clicking on each menu item will also display the Dietary qualification and also show you all the ingredients used.

What happened to the Recurring Order option?

The technology that went into Recurring payments was frankly expensive and quite complex when applied to such and involved website like My Goodness Organics. We have found that more customers over time are choosing to amend their orders each week to keep things interesting and this means less where using the Recurring option, so we have decided to remove this option for now.

That said, since we have re-introduced Meals Plans back to our Menu there are signs that a Recurring option may be re-visited some time in the future so be sure to let us know if this is something you would like to see again via our Get In Touch page.

How do I place my Order?

Placing orders couldn't be simpler for new customers, you can refer to the How It Works page to get a brief step by step description or just begin browsing the Menu and adding items to your cart.

When you first arrive at the Menu page, by default you will be viewing our entire Menu in the Newest First category (unless you have chosen the Meal Plans button on the home page). You will see other categories such as Meal Plans, Specials Pantry, Dinners, Light Meals, Snacks & Desserts and more. Selecting 'Dinners' will just display all our dinners, selecting 'Meal Plans' will just display all the meal plans...and so on.

You can also use the Dietary Filter to customise viewing the menu further, selecting 'Vegan' will mean the menu only displays items that qualify as Vegan (tip: you can select more than 1 Dietary Filter at a time, e.g you might be Paleo & Pescetarian).

Use the + or - buttons to control which items are in your shopping cart.

Use the 'Consume by' days as a reference, you can to plan your meals for the week using the Dinners and Light Meals categories. Clicking on an item will expand it's view and offer you a description and ingredients. Once you are happy with your choices select "Create Your Order" and follow the prompts on the screen and fill out your details and select your delivery day.

Customers already with an account can just Login and begin ordering, all your details are remembered from your previous order.

Unsuccessful delivery Post Codes can choose to leave us an "Expression of Interest" so we can keep an eye out for popular new delivery areas. When we begin deliveries in your area, we will send you an email and let you know.

When does My Goodness Organics get delivered?

We deliver every Sunday afternoon between 1pm-9pm. Most deliveries happen well prior to 8pm though for you early birds. Regular customers will find their delivery often arrives around the same approximate 2 hour time frame each week. Please be advised though that our deliveries are different EVERY Sunday and occasionally we may need to alter this time frame you are used to (but always between 1pm-9pm). Your Driver will still send you a text message when they are within the hour of delivery no matter what happens. When placing your order you will be able to select which Sunday you want delivery (Note: Pick Up is not an option we offer at this time).

What happens if I need to Cancel my Order?

We understand that sometimes situations arise that affect your plans. Simply contact us via email or via our get in touch page immediately. Please understand that depending on how much prior notice we get, there is a good chance we have already begun preparing your order or in some case completely prepared your order so the maximum refund you can receive is 50% of your total invoice. Note: Cancelations ON or just prior to delivery day will not be accepted.

Can I have my meals delivered at a particular time on Sunday?

Delivery is between 1pm-9pm on Sunday. We cannot offer a precise delivery time as our deliveries are completely different every week. Over time you will find that your deliveries will mostly arrive within a 2 hour time frame each week with occasional variations. We will send you a text message when your friendly driver is within an hour of delivery.

Which areas does My Goodness Organics deliver to?

We deliver to all Melbourne Metropolitan and quite few populated Greater Metro areas. The simplest way to find out if we deliver to you is to use our Delivery Post Code search on our Home page footer. Unsuccessful post codes will still have the opportunity to leave an "Expression of Interest" to help us keep an eye out for popular new delivery areas. Every vote counts in your post code so as soon as we begin deliveries in your area we will notify you and invite you to join us with a $20 Gift Voucher.

How much are Delivery fees?

Delivery to all Melbourne Metropolitan areas is $17 per delivery and Greater Metro areas are $24 per delivery (plus a few isolated $27 outer suburbs). The size of your order will not alter this fee.

I'm a Ruggedly Handsome and Manly Man, will something happen to me if I eat your food?

Yes, You will stand a much better chance of out living your wife!

Can I pick up my order?

Sorry but at this time we do not offer 'Pick Up' as an option.

Do you accomodate Nut Allergies?

At this time, many of our meals, snacks and smoothies do contain nuts.

Those meals that do not include nuts in the ingredients list may still contain traces of nuts and it is up to the individual to determine their own level of risk.

We do not take liability for nut allergies. Please ensure you read the ingredients list for each meal thoroughly before purchasing.

If you have a strong reaction or risk of anaphylaxis, we do NOT recommend ordering with us.

Are your meals designed for Weight Loss?

We are not advocates for calorie counting and do not promote low calorie meals because this is just marketing spin left over from the 1950's proven to be not worth the worry and energy.

Our preference is for high quality fats, proteins and minimal amounts of high quality carbs such as sweet potato, quinoa, buckwheat and fruit.

Although our meals are not specifically designed with weight loss in mind, majority of our customers experience weight loss naturally due to the low carbohydrate nature of our meals and high level of nutritional density promoting the body's ability to burn fat and keep it off.

Expect to have higher levels of energy, less brain fog, a happier tummy and more regular bowel movements as well as a stronger immune system and clearer skin. Just some of the awesome side effects of being nourished by us :)

Do you cater for Fructose Intolerances?

We don't currently have a wide range of fructose friendly meals however we are definitely looking to expand the range over time. Most of our savoury meals do contain onion, garlic or both and we cannot modify meals to suit individual needs.

Keep trying the 'Fructose Friendly' dietary filter on our Menu page to reveal your growing selection & stay tuned via our newsletter for updates!

Please be aware that 'Fructose Friendly' does not mean there is no fructose in that item however they will be low fructose. Please use your discretion when reading the ingredients lists to determine if it will be suitable for your needs.

How are your meals Packaged?

Making sure our meal delivery packaging is biodegradable and environmentally friendly wherever possible is super important to us. In our eyes being a conscious consumer is an obligation for everyone, us included.

We are super conscious about the use of plastics to store our meals and we make every endeavour to minimise or do away with it wherever possible. Currently 80% of our packaging is 100% compostable and biodegradable and most of the rest is recyclable.

All our Dinners and Light Meals (Lunch & Breakfasts) served in containers made from sugar cane mulch which are fully compostable and biodegradable. Simply tear them up and place them your compost bin with your veggie scraps or throw them in the trash. Clear cups and sauce pots are made from Cornstarch which are also 100% compostable. They look and feel like regular plastic but they are made from plant matter!

Our smoothies and juices are served in glass jars which are fully recyclable by placing in your own recycling bins. Please note that although we did take back used jars for recycling for over 2 years, it's not something we now offer (the 're-use' feel good factor was great at first but we ran the numbers and the energy we consumed sanitising the jars on our smaller scale was significantly more than your local recycling plant would use to re-process the glass).

Our snacks come in cellophane bags (made from cellulose) which are fully biodegradable and compostable.

Our aim is to have 100% of our packaging free from plastics and for the most part, we are the only company able to offer this across the board.

What about your foam eskies / cooler boxes?

We currently deliver our meals to you in Polystyrene Foam Esky's.

Yes they are not an earth friendly option and do not fit with our desire to be a plastic free company. Did you know though that every single one of those esky's we deliver to you, upon being collected and returned to us is taken back to our supplier where they are broken down and turned into new esky's?

We collect your used cooler boxes when we deliver your next order, if it is in useable condition we will clean it up and use it again. If it has seen better days, we are really grateful to have a supplier who encourages and allows us to recycle our esky's so they can be melted down and live to see another day. We are especially proud of this practice because in recent years it has forced almost every other meal delivery company to follow our lead and now there are literally tens of thousands of these boxes NOT going into landfill every week.

We have investigated and researched several other more sustainable packing options including Wool Cool cardboard boxes. Unfortunately Wool Cool is not Vegan Friendly and would upset our Vegan family, hence why we didn't go ahead with it. As it stands, we haven't come across an option that ticks all the boxes for us with regards to keeping your food at the right temperature whilst being earth friendly. We're still looking though.

Is everything Gluten Free?

Yes, everything we make in our kitchen is free from gluten and we do not keep any gluten containing products on site.

For Coeliacs, we do need to advise that as our dry goods supplier both manufactures and stores gluten containing products in their facility, we cannot guarantee that trace amounts of gluten will not be present.

How much Organic ingredients do you you use?

100% of all our animal proteins are certified organic, grass fed, ethically produced and free range. We do not support factory farming practices.

100% of our dry goods are certified organic. This includes items such as nuts, seeds, coconut milk/ flakes, cacao, spices, dried fruit etc.

80% of our fresh fruit and veg produce is either certified organic, pesticide free or in transition. Where organic is an available option to us, we always take it.

There are some ingredients that feature on the Clean Fifteen list such as Avocado's for example where organic isn't necessary as evidence shows they have extremely low chemical absorption levels. Items such as these will be conventionally sourced.

All 'Dirty Dozen' ingredients will be sourced organically or the next best option eg, pesticide free.

Are these prices for one person?

YES is the short answer, prices are for one person. A single serving size is a matter of perception, don't be suckered into cheaper prices because you are doing yourself a major disservice and placing your health in the hands of marketing monsters. Most other meal companies are attempting to sell tiny meals of 350g and some even as low as 300g per serve. If you also look at the ingredients that make up these questionable serving sizes, I think you may ask yourself why you would pay hard earned money to ever put this in your mouth. Thats Cash AND Energy leaving your body at the same time...not the best health plan!!

My Goodness Organics aims for 420-450g per serve and the quality and calibre of ALL our ingredients are beyond what any other company will offer you. Thats up to 50% larger Dinners, easily enough for 2 children. Research your local restaurant prices, read testimonials you will find much value in what we offer...just ask our customers!

Having some problems viewing the website on Internet Explorer?

It is common for earlier versions of Internet Explorer to have problems displaying newer websites. We recommend updating to the latest version of Internet Explorer or try using Chrome, Firefox or Safari browsers instead. This should solve most problems.

Is there a Minimum order required?

Yes, Minimum order amount is $100 (excluding delivery fee). Your cart will keep you informed on how much you have left to order to reach the minimum amount. Where applicable, Gift Vouchers in your shopping cart are not included in the minimum order amount.

How do I Sign Out of my account?

To Sign Out you just need to go to your Account page. The Sign Out link is located on the left side of the page (or in the drop down menu on Mobile devices).

What's the Nutritional breakdown of your meals?

We aren’t huge advocates for calorie counting but due to popular demand we will be adding a fully detailed macro breakdown to our website very soon.

We believe that when one is fuelling their body with nothing but whole foods, calorie restriction or counting isn't needed. Nutritional density is our focus in order to reduce systemic inflammation, promote healing of the gut and long term health and wellbeing.

For those wanting a calorie estimate, a day in the life of MGO (3 meals a day) will fall between 1500-1800 depending on the meals you have chosen and dietary preference. A standard calorie count for our meals will be between 300-550.

We do not do very low calorie meals as we have a strong emphasis on ensuring plenty of HEALTHY fats are consumed daily.

Our dinner meals will average between 400-430g.

The overall macro breakdown guideline we aim for all of our meals is as follows-

Fat- 50%, Protein- 30%, Carbs- 20%

By weight, it is 65% plants and 35% animal foods (depending on your dietary preference). Most of the carb content in our food derives from ‘safe starches’ such as starchy vegetables, small amounts of quinoa, wild rice, millet and a small amount of fruit.

We choose to keep the carbohydrate content low rather than fat as we believe carb’s to be a far bigger contributor to weight problems, blood sugar issues and general health concerns.

Lots of veggies and fibre, plenty of good quality fats and probiotic rich foods with adequate protein to balance the hormones, encourage ketosis, raise your metabolism and keep you full.

With overall wellbeing comes effortless weight management. This is our food philosophy.

For more health and wellbeing information, please head on over to our Blog pages.

Do I need to be home to receive my Delivery?

You don’t need to be home as long as you have a safe and practical place for your Driver to leave the order. Your order will be delivered in a foam cooler to ensure the contents remain fresh for your return. Be aware though, it is not a fridge and there may be some frozen items inside that would not enjoy a balmy arvo in the sun as much as the rest of us do, so if you’re not going to be home for a while or don’t wish for the delivery to be left or exposed then please arrange for someone to come and collect it. Less than an hour unattended is advised, during the chill of winter your buffer is considerably better. If you are not sure if you will be home it is best to leave a clear and concise note for your delivery driver when placing your order just in case. Our drivers WILL NOT deliver to an alternative address just because you are busy doing something else....I guarantee you they are even busier delivering everyone else's order who are waiting at home for them or have made prior alternative arrangements. (Note: If you live in a Secure Apartment or similar and there is nowhere safe to leave your order then you must be home to collect OR provide a key or code access for delivery). If are unsure, then please use our Get in Touch page, we will be more than happy to try work out a solution with you).

What is the Cut-Off time for orders?

The Cut-Off time for Orders is strictly 10:00am Wednesdays prior to next Sunday delivery. For the moment, we cannot always accomodate late orders so it is important to set yourself reminders. By default, we have set up an email reminder for you to order 24 hours prior to the cut off time. You an easily mange this reminder from your Account page by turning it ON or OFF as you need it.

Can I alter the day of delivery?

Unfortunately, the delivery days and times are non-negotiable. All our meals are prepared fresh just prior to Sunday afternoon deliveries. When placing orders, you can select Delivery Sundays up to 5 weeks in advance if you wish to be super organised. Using the 'Re-order' links in your Account order history and on your previous order receipts is very quick and easy way to get a new order going.