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Menu 4

Open me up please, Im a's what I do

My Goodness Organics have 4 set menus that rotate on a 4 week cycle.

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Sunday 18th JUNE Delivery – Menu 4

Orders for this menu  are open & will close on Tuesday night 13th JUNE


Vietnamese Banh Xeo – An egg or buckwheat crepe stuffed with rice or kelp noodles, asian herbs and crunchy veggies with the best sticky, salty & sweet tamari sauce. It’s simple and it’s always on the menu because you love it.  Paleo Option. Vegan Option. 

Slow Cooked Lamb or Chickpea Ragu  – This is yum. Good old traditional comfort fare perfect for the cold weather. An Italian style tomato ragu rich with flavour studded with Cherry Tree Organics beautiful lamb or Chickpeas for our Veggie customers.  Served with green beans and a sweet potato polenta mash.  Paleo Option. Vegan Option.

Sicilian Citrus Roast Chicken or Chickpeas – Simple classy flavours. Tarragon and lemon roasted chicken (chickpeas for the vegans) served with a pea puree, marinated and roasted fennel and a whole lot of love. Paleo. Vegan Option. 

Fish & Chips – Not how you think though. A crumbed and baked fillet of Barramundi served with sweet potato wedges and a green pea tumble with our own tartare sauce. It’s a bit of mid week fun to get you through to Friday when you might have the real deal. For our Veggie lovers you will receive chickpea patties in place of fish.  Paleo. Vegan Option. 

The Best Bolognese- Sure it might not be served with pasta as we know it but trust us, this is far better for you. Zucchetti Noodles, your choice of organic beef or lentils and a pinenut ‘parmesan’ crumble to make it all sing. Paleo. Vegan Option. 


Chimmi Churri Salad – Your choice of marinated beef or black beans on top of a green salad studded with sweet potato, red capsicum and charred corn. Oh and of course let’s not forget the sauce. Lots of goodness happening here. Paleo. Vegan Option. 

Some Kinda Greek Salad – You’re going to love our house made Almond Fetta that we’ve created for this. Think all of your usual greek suspects in various guises, lots of greens and topped with almond fetta for calcium and protein and a delish vinaigrette.  Paleo. Vegan. 

Smoked Chicken Fettucini – Zucchini fettucini ribbons tossed with pine nuts, parsley and spinach. Served with our house smoked chicken breast and an Alfredo style creamy sauce. As close as a salad gets to comfort food 🙂 Our Veggie peep’s will receive smoked tempeh in place of chicken.   Vegan Option. Paleo.

French Carrot Salad with Veggie Pate – A very cultured, Ploughman’s lunch a la francaise, pick and mix style. Think creamy sunflower seed and vegetable pate served with paleo crackers and a zesty french carrot salad. Our version of Paris on a plate 🙂  Paleo. Vegan. 

Mediterranean Buckini Salad – An ode to the Mediterranean and it’s wonderful antipasto plates of marinated capsicum, eggplant, tomato and basil….lots of basil which is cleansing to the blood and an excellent digestive tonic. Sprouted buckwheat is not a grain but a seed that is incredibly high in rutin (excellent for healthy cholesterol levels), protein, fibre and minerals galore. They are little powerhouses of energy.     Paleo. Vegan.


Frit-ta-ta – Because everybody loves to start their day with eggs….don’t they? Ok for our Vegan friends you won’t be starting your day with eggs, instead a coconut tofu number will be yours that is just as filling and sustaining. Rich in protein no matter which way you roll and lots of veggies for healthy cellular function.  Paleo. Vegan Option. 

Beet ‘n’ Berry Smoothie – A whole lot of pink power happening here. Not just the beet’s and berries, there’s a special red superfood blend in here too, ramping up the antioxidant level. Avocado for creaminess, hemp for protein and chia to keep you full and provide an intestinal clean out. Paleo. Vegan.  

Breakfast Bruschetta – Cafe style eating in your very own home. Win! Our beautiful, protein rich Life Bread is served with sweet tomatoes, broccolini, caramelised onions and our house made cashew herbed cheese.  Paleo. Vegan.

Raspberry Choc Chia Pudding- Just a little bit of decadence to start your morning. A creamy chia pudding base loaded up with berries, crushed nuts and seeds and a drizzle of raw chocolate. Yes that’s right. Gut nourishing, antioxidant rich and yum!  Paleo. Vegan. 

Rooibos, Fig & Vanilla Granola – Super high in antioxidants which are prized for their cancer fighting properties, rooibos also calms the nervous system and boosts the metabolism naturally. Combined with figs which are rich in potassium and magnesium to support muscle function…. you’re off to a good start!  Paleo. Vegan.


2 servings of each snack for the week

Green Meanie Smoothie – Bec’s all time fav! Creamy avocado and hemp for vital proteins and fats with the alkalising benefit of greens, tummy soothing peppermint and a bit of sweetness from dates. Your brain will thrive thanks to all the good fats and it will sustain you till noon. Vegan. Paleo. 

Raw Gingerbread Cookies – A healthified version of an old favourite rich in fibre for healthy bowels and spiked with immune system supporting essential oils.  An almond, flaxmeal and coconut flour base that’s a little bit chewy, very moorish and so much better for you. Paleo. Vegan. 

Pomegranate Pistachio Bombs – Candida hates Lauric acid and that’s what these babies are rich in. These are Ketogenic fat bombs that provide sustained energy for body and brain. Studded with pomegranate and barberries they are antioxidant rich, anti inflammatory and protects against heart disease.  Paleo. Vegan.

Veggie Crackers with Dip –  Everything but the kitchen sink crackers we should call these. Loaded with veggies and seeds for a nutrient dense raw food snack. Served with a dip of the week, it’s a pretty yum way to get your daily fix of plants.  Paleo. Vegetarian.

Tahini Bars – Think barberries and cranberries tumbled with puffed quinoa, amaranth and bound together with a tahini caramel. It’s a damn fine protein rich snack.  Paleoish. Vegan


Raw Tiramisu – It’s like a taste of heaven and a pick me up in every mouthful. Hands down winner of favourite dessert of the year award at HQ. Think chewy biscuity base with a layer of cacao mousse and espresso creme to finish it off. SO epic!   Paleo & Vegan.

Vegan Option = There is a Vegan option

Vegetarian Option = There is a Vegetarian option

Paleo Option = There is a Paleo option

Vegan = This meal qualifies as Vegan

Vegetarian = This meal qualifies as Vegetarian

Paleo = This meal qualifies as Paleo

Paleo Options may include minimal Quinoa, Corn & Buckwheat.

We are unable to cater for onion, garlic, nut & coriander intolerances.

*Please note that the ingredients are subject to availability. Organic produce can be a little sensitive to weather conditions and some items may not be available. We will substitute any items affected with something just as yum.