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Menu 3

Open me up please, Im a's what I do

My Goodness Organics have 4 set menus that rotate on a 4 week cycle.

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Sunday 26th NOVEMBER Delivery – Menu 3

Orders for this menu are open & will close on Tuesday night 21st NOVEMBER


Vietnamese Beef or Tofu Salad – A classic that everyone adores. It’s super fresh and lively thanks to lots of mint and coriander tossed with kelp noodles, cucumber, shallots and coconut amino basted sliced beef. Topped off with the classic salty, sweet, sour sauce, toasted cashews and sesame.   Paleo. Vegan

Mr Fun Guy – We’ve put a burger on the menu to put a smile on your dial and have a little fun. Guess what! It’s Paleo and Vegan to boot. The crew have created an amazing low carb flaxseed bun and we’ve filled it with the most incredible BBQ Pulled Jackfruit for our veggie loving friends OR BBQ pulled pork for our omnivores. It’s even got sweet potato fries on the side to dip in an avocado tomato ketchup!   Paleo. Vegan Option

Lebanese Spiced Barramundi – Flavour packed! Gorgeous Coral Coast Barra baked with a yummy spice rub crust full of herbs and citrus. Served with a warm salad of sweet potato, capsicum and greens. Rich in antioxidants and betacarotene for healthy skin and cellular health. Paleo. Pescetarian. Vegan Option

Winner Winner Chicken Dinner – Everyone loves a classic roast chicken or nut roast for our Vegan friends. Just like your mum makes except better but we do know that’s a pretty big call. A celeriac and cauliflower mash, roast carrots, green beans, gravy, complete with stuffing!  Paleo. Vegan Option.

Turkish Shish Kebab – Juicy diced lamb or chickpeas in a turkish marinade of aromatic spices. Just a little bit of heat, not too much but enough to keep it interesting. Topped with a tahini sauce and lots of roasted veggies.  Vegan Option. Paleo


Kale Chicken Caesar Salad – Our take on the classic. Lots of Vitamin K rich greens which offer great blood boosting properties, roasted chicken breast and an awesome creamy sauce to top it all off.  Paleo. Vegan Option

Fritters with All Things Green- Sweet little raw green pea fritters loaded with Vitamin B12 served with all things green to cleanse and alkalize the body. Green food is cell food, green plants are loaded with chlorophyll which is incredibly nourishing to the blood. A raspberry vinaigrette just makes it awesome.  Paleo. Vegan

Niçoise Salad – There’s no Tuna in this salad, instead we’ve created a delicious plant based rendition of this classic made from Jackfruit and Sunflower Seeds. All the usual suspects such as crunchy green beans, potato and tomato along with some other not so traditional ingredients just to keep you on your toes.  Paleo. Vegan. 

All Things Yum! – Kinda like a super fancy and cool potato salad but not. Did you know that white potato once cooked and cooled becomes whats referred to as resistant starch? RS basically means it doesn’t get stored as fat and becomes important fuel for our small intestinal bacterial colonies. Anywho back to the food- dill sprinkled potatoes, a smattering of quinoa, coconut bacon, lots of greens, seedy things and flavour bombs.  Vegan. Paleo. 

Shukran Salad – Well it seems we just can’t take this one off the menu because you all go a little crazy when we do. Pomegranate, shredded apple, kale, lots of herbs, toasted and spiced almonds and the best turmeric tahini sauce. Vegan. Paleo



Indian Dosa with Coconut Raita – A traditional Indian inspired breakfast for something a little different but oh so yum. A spongy savoury crepe stuffed with aromatic spiced carrot, potato and peas with a tangy coconut raita alongside. Vegan.  Paleo Option.

HormonaLisa Smoothie – Hormones LOVE fat so avocado and coconut take care of that + a good dose of chia seeds to complete the fatty acid profile. Then we add Maca powder, Schizandra and Tahini which work together to balance hormones and make them hummm. Berries sweeten the deal and make it really delicious.  Vegan. Paleo.

The Breakfast Bagel – Bringing the Cafe to your home with this number! Our house made paleo vegan Bagel’s topped with roasted tomatoes, a smattering of broad beans, avocado, and almond feta. Does that sound good or what?   Vegan.  Paleo.

Bulletproof Pudding – Revamping a favourite. A hazelnut cream base topped with creamy coffee flavoured chia pudding with a seed & nut crumble to finish. Loaded with protein, MCT fatty acids to power up your brain as well as antioxidants to fuel you up. Vegan.  Paleo.

Chocolate Crunch Granola- Taking inspiration from the family fav of Cocoa Pops, we’ve healthified them and turned them into a completely guilt free start to the morning. Think puffed buckwheat and quinoa crusted with coconut flakes, sunflower seeds and dusted in cacao powder. It’s a bit of fun for you and kids will love it.  Vegan.  Paleoish.


2 servings of each snack for the week

Mango Lassi – House made Coyo rich in probiotics for a healthy gut is the base for this creamy Summery delight. A sprinkle of turmeric, baobab and Ginger combined with mango make this one potent and powerful anti inflammatory snack that your body will love. Vegan. Paleo.

Blackberry Cookie – There’s some serious antioxidant action jam packed into this pretty little cookie. Blackberries and Hibiscus powder are rich in Anthocyanins which protect us from a myriad of diseases. This is low carb, vitamin c and fat packed to keep your brain turned on and provide lasting energy.   Vegan. Paleo.

Peppermint Creme Balls – As you can see we’re all about fuelling the brain! Peppermint essential oil is amazing for turning on the brain, it’s a caffeine free mental pick me up whether you eat it or smell it. It’s also calming for the digestive tract and great for peep’s with tummy troubles.  Vegan. Paleo.

Veggie Crackers with Dip – Plantains are pretty amazing. Did you know they are a prebiotic and probiotic rich food? This makes them awesome for gut health. Served with a veggie rich dip of the day. Paleo. Vegan

Choc Ganache Perk Up Bar  – These are an amazing pre or post workout snack. Packed full of plant based protein for muscle repair and the perfect combo of ingredients for slow and sustained energy release. Think pepita, sesame, sunflower and cashew all bound up with dates and topped with a thick layer of raw chocolate.   Vegan. Paleo


Mini Magnums Collection – Well hello! We’ve got your attention don’t we. House made almond butter stuffed dates dipped in our amazing raw chocolate and then sprinkled with an assortment of different textural delights such as cacao nibs, pistachio, pomegranate. You really want a stash of these on hand in the freezer at all times……. Vegan, Paleo


Vegan Option = There is a Vegan option

Vegetarian Option = There is a Vegetarian option

Paleo Option = There is a Paleo option

Vegan = This meal qualifies as Vegan

Vegetarian = This meal qualifies as Vegetarian

Paleo = This meal qualifies as Paleo

Paleo Options may include minimal Quinoa, Corn & Buckwheat.

We are unable to cater for onion, garlic, nut & coriander intolerances.

*Please note that the ingredients are subject to availability. Organic produce can be a little sensitive to weather conditions and some items may not be available. We will substitute any items affected with something just as yum.