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Menu 2

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My Goodness Organics have 4 set menus that rotate on a 4 week cycle.

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Sunday 19th NOVEMBER Delivery – Menu 2

Orders for this menu closed on Tuesday night 14th NOVEMBER


Persian Lamb or Jackfruit Pilaf – The flavours of the Middle East entice us they really do…. Our take on a traditional pilaf using quinoa in place of rice but still studded with slivered almonds, currants, lots of herbs and gentle aromatic spices. Green beans and rocket are tossed through the base on which sits pulled 8 hour lamb or pulled jackfruit which is a mineral powerhouse. A turmeric tahini dressing finishes it all off. Soooo good.  Paleo. Vegan Option.

Asian Braised Pork or Zucchini Fritters with Wild Rice Tumble – Wild rice is the most nutrient dense of the family and is not a grain at all but a seed similar to quinoa or buckwheat. It’s higher in protein, packed with magnesium and high in antioxidants. It’s tossed with spring onion, broccolini stems and herbs. Paired with unctuous, asian aromatics braised pork belly for the meat eaters or lemongrass zucchini fritters for the veggies. It’s mighty fine!  Paleoish. Vegan.

Caleffi Chicken or Besan Bites  – We have a Goan Chef in our kitchen crew and he whipped up this traditional number for a staffie. We were impressed so it’s on the menu! Think aromatic lemongrass, ginger and clove marinated chicken thighs or besan cubes served alongside a cauliflower Pilau studded with eggplant, sunflower seeds and currants. Low carb, veggieful and protein packed.  Paleo. Vegan Option

Provençal Bouillabaisse – Or in layman’s terms- French Seafood Stew! Saffron makes everything better (yup the real deal not the imitation) and smells incredible, not to mention it’s gorgeous yellow hue and calming properties on the nervous and digestive systems. We use whatever fish our sustainable seafood supplier tells us is rocking or Oyster Mushrooms for our plant based peeps, serve it with lots of veggies and a delicious stewy sauce.   Paleo. Vegan Option. 

Mexican Pulled Beef – Think unctuous slow cooked meat in aromatic spices such as cinnamon and chipotle that just melts in your mouth. Slow cooked meat is the healthiest way of cooking meat as it makes it incredibly digestible and easily absorbed by our bodies. We cook ours in bone broth to amp up the nutritional density of this dish and provide powerful gut healing benefits. For the Veggie’s out there, a protein rich black bean tumble with the same yum flavours will be coming your way.  Vegan Option. Paleo. 


Jamaican Jerk Chicken with Slaw – Yes. Milawa Chicken is really yum particularly when coated in a traditional dry jerk marinade and served with a crunchy fresh slaw, caramalized pineapple with a lime mayo. Vegans you are not left out with Jackfruit in the same delicious marinade. No other explanation needed. So hot right now.  Paleo. Vegan Option. 

Californian Nourish Bowl – Inspired by the lovely Californian partner of our Head Chef, this is all things summery, shiny and super foods. Think goji berries, puffed ancient grains and a vibrant salsa of tomato, jalapeno, sweet potato and pineapple tossed with quinoa, greens and a zippy dressing.  Vegan. Paleo. 

Poké Me – With Poké Bowls all the rage right now, how could we not have one on the menu for Summer.  This fresh and tasty dish (pronounced POH-kay), hails from Hawaii. A bed of Wild Rice (way better nutritional profile than white or brown rice) with a pick n mix of veggies, marinated beet cubes in place of the traditional Tuna (because it ain’t a sustainable species peep’s) and a zippy wasabi avocado cream. A veritable plant based feast with a healthy dose of fermented veggies to feed your micro-biome.  Yum!  Vegan. Paleoish

Pickled Beetroot and Walnut Salad – Heirloom beets, crunchy and tart green apple, celery leaf, and other things leafy topped with a dollop of cashew cheese and a mustard maple vinegrette. All things blood building and liver cleansing happening here with a healthy dose of probiotics.  Vegan. Paleo

Sweet Potato Soba Noodle Salad – An Asian fusion style salad that is loaded with betacarotene and vitamin c for a healthy immune system and great skin. Sweet potato and Tapioca noodles mixed with summer corn, radish, bok choy, snowpea and tossed in a miso tahini dressing with cashew and sesame scattered on top.  Paleo. Vegan


Mushroom & Caramalized Onion Tart – There isn’t a skeric of gluten or wheat to be found in this delicious tart. The things you can do with untraditional ingredients are amazing. This is a low carb, protein rich pastry with a filling that provides a healthy serve of greens and veggies, is rich in B Vitamins and Iron. Mushrooms are incredible for thyroid health so eat it up guys!  Paleo. Vegan Option.

Aztec Spiced Choc Smoothie – A kick to start your day without the coffee. Cacao is not only super high in antioxidants, it also provides a subtle boost of energy. Combined with cinnamon to stabilize blood sugar, a hint of chilli for warmth and creamy cashew milk to give you an awesome nutritionally dense breakfast on the run.  Vegan. Paleo. 

Turmeric Chai Pudding – A powerhouse of immunity boosting goodness for you in this yummy chia pudding. A chai spiced chia base with a creamy turmeric and banana creme all topped off with an aromatic crumble. It’s rich in brain and hormone loving fats, it will warm you from the inside out thanks to a riot of warming spices and the anti inflammatory nature of turmeric activated with black pepper will ease aching joints.    Vegan.  Paleo.

Breakfast Tart with Summer Fruits- A high protein baked granola base with a vanilla cashew cream and then topped with whatever fruit is growing in abundance like berries right now. Served warm it’s like a delicious gooey baked porridge or cold.. the choice is yours.  Paleo. Vegan. 

Chamomile & Vanilla Granola – Chamomile is incredibly anti inflammatory and provides a great soothing effect on the nervous system. It’s slightly floral scent combines well with vanilla. A good, crunchy granola that we recommend best served with coconut or almond milk.   Paleo. Vegan


2 servings of each snack for the week

The Sexy Green Smoothie – Think creamy luscious base of coconut and avocado for candida fighting lauric acid and MCT’s for slow burning energy that fuels the brain. Lots of greens, mango for sweetness and anti inflammatory goodness, spiked with doTerra Grapefruit for liver support.  Vegan.  Paleo. 

Choc Cherry Amazeballs– We made these originally for the inspiring Wellness Warrior herself Jess Ainscough several years ago.  Carob divides people but we love it for it’s caramelly notes and it’s ability to improve digestion and lower cholesterol. Combined with Mesquite and Maca for hormone balancing and blood sugar stabilising….they are a real treat.  Paleo. Vegan.

Banana Bread – Who doesn’t love a good Banana bread! This is the beez kneez, super moist and satisfying thanks to it’s protein packed base of almond meal and coconut flour. Studded with walnuts and sweetened mostly with the natural ripeness of the banana.  Vegetarian.  Paleo. 

Veggie Crackers with Dip of the Day– A raw, dehydrated veggie rich cracker served with a surprise dip. Raw crackers are an awesome source of plant based enzymes for healthy cell repair.  Paleo. Vegan. 

Macadamia and Lime Cookie –  Healthy fats to the rescue! Did you know that the monounsaturated fat found in macadamias has been shown to reduce inflammation and shrink fat cells in mice? Pretty cool hey. It’s also been shown to improve blood lipid profiles. Combined with the zestiness of lime, these make a great pre workout or intermittent fasting snack. Vegan. Paleo. 


Chunky Monkey – Who doesn’t love the idea of a Banana Choc Sundae?! So this is our version- a plant based banana ‘nice cream’ with chocolate crumb and house made ice magik drizzled on top.  Be sure to stockpile them in your freezer over Summer so that you always have something naughty but nice when you’re all hot and bothered. SO good.  Paleo. Vegan.

Vegan Option = There is a Vegan option

Vegetarian Option = There is a Vegetarian option

Paleo Option = There is a Paleo option

Vegan = This meal qualifies as Vegan

Vegetarian = This meal qualifies as Vegetarian

Paleo = This meal qualifies as Paleo

Paleo Options may include minimal Quinoa, Corn & Buckwheat.

We are unable to cater for onion, garlic, nut & coriander intolerances.

*Please note that the ingredients are subject to availability. Organic produce can be a little sensitive to weather conditions and some items may not be available. We will substitute any items affected with something just as yum.