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Menu 1

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My Goodness Organics have 4 set menus that rotate on a 4 week cycle.

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Sunday 12th NOVEMBER Delivery – Menu 1

Orders for this menu closed on Tuesday night 7th NOVEMBER


Chicken or Tofu Larb – Our take on the traditional Thai larb. Lots of fresh herbs to detoxify the blood, along with organic free range chicken mince (of course) fried off in lemongrass, ginger, galangal and garlic which are all circulation boosting and anti inflammatory ingredients. Served with crunchy lettuce cups to scoop up and enjoy.  Vegan Option. Paleo. 

Crispy Pork Belly with Celeriac Gratin – Yum! Comfort food at it’s most delicious…’s even got crackling guys!! Served with a Celeriac, Butternut and Spinach Gratin for the perfect combination of  creamy and crispy. For our veggie heads, you’ll be diving straight into the Gratin with a some extra goodness on the side.  Paleo. Vegan Option.

Barramundi or Chickpea Goan Coconut Curry – An Indian style curry perfect for the warm days to come.  Barramundi gently poached in a light but aromatic coconut broth alongside zucchini, green beans and cherry tomatoes. Our Barramundi of choice is ocean farmed responsibly from the Whitsunday region as chosen by Red Coral Sustainable Seafood our trusted supplier.  Paleo. Vegan Option. 

Sticky Lime Beef – We love a taste of the exotic here, taking some inspiration from the Orient here. Think organic and grass fed beef slow cooked in bone broth, asian aromatics and kafir lime. For our Veggies, tempeh roasted in vegetable stock to amp up the flavour. Served on top a nutty wild rice and vegetable tumble. Definitely addictive.   Paleo. Vegan Option

Crazy Good Lamb or King Browns – Hmmmm…the French sure know a thing or two when it comes to potatoes. We’ve taken a leaf out of their book and paired Boulanger Potatoes with Roast Lamb and all the trimmings. Think roast carrots, parsnip and greens beans. It’s delicious and incredibly satisfying. Our Veggie peeps will receive the same yummy sides but with marinated king brown mushrooms as the meat alternative.  Paleo. Vegan Option. 


The Omega Salmon Salad – Revamped! Ora King salmon has been shown to have exceptional levels of Omega 3 fatty acids which combined with walnuts provide high level nutrition for optimal brain function. With shaved fennel, snow peas and all things green, this is brain food at it’s best.  Paleo. Vegan Option

The Thanksgiving Salad – A tribute to all things Autumn…think cosy, comforting flavours that scream fireside eating. Shredded brussel sprouts and squash make up the base of this yummy salad topped with our house smoked chicken or smoked tofu balls, a smattering of cranberries and walnuts, finished with a djon creamy cashew sauce. Veggies + protein + fat = winning.     Paleo. Vegan Option.

Sweet & Sauerkraut Noodles – You’re going to love this asian style noodle salad. Paleo friendly and full of resistant starch for a healthy and happy microbiome. Lots of gut loving goodness here that will keep you full and regular wink wink. Think pickled ginger, lots of herbs, fermented veggies and a ridiculously yum sesame sauce. Paleo. Vegan. 

Pumpkin Fattoush – All things antioxidant!! Pomegranate, tomato, capsicum to nourish your cardiovascular system and keep your skin healthy during Winter. Chunks of our yum paleo bread tossed in sumac soak up all those juices and a delicious sauce.  Vegan. Paleo. 

Fermented Friday: Veggie Tart with Carrot Salad  – To show our enthusiasm for all things gut healing goodness, we’re dedicating our Friday lunches to it. A raw nut and seed crust topped with a fermented veggie based filling and served with a side salad of carrot ribbons, currants and more. Super nutrient dense power eating right here that is both soothing and replenishing to the digestive system.  Vegan. Paleo.


Hand Cut Asian Egg Noodle Tumble – This is so good 🙂 Eastern brekkies are usually of the savoury variety and feature a noodle or rice. Instead of the carb heavy options, we’ve created the most delicious protein packed noodle alternative and tossed them with asian veggies stir fry style. For our Vegan peep’s, 100% Buckwheat noodles will be your jam.   Paleo. Vegan Option.

Choc Mint Smoothie – Almond, brazil and cashew butter make up the decadent selenium rich base for this smoothie! Plenty of healthy fats to turn your brain on and doTerra Peppermint Oil to increase your mental alertness and wipe away fatigue.  Vegan.  Paleo.  

Acai Chia Pudding  – A riot of colour, super rich in antioxidants to keep that youthful appearance of yours and plenty of omega fatty acids to keep your skin supple. Topped off with lots of textural nutty seedy things to keep your teeth excited and amp up the nutritional content. Vegan. Paleo. 

Spring Breakfast Crumble – Rich in antioxidants for great skin, fibre to keep things moving along and flavour! The fruits will vary dependant on the farmers but they will be spiked with vanilla bean spices and topped with a protein and fibre rich crumble.  Vegan.  Paleo. 

Citrus Fruit Granola – Dehydrated oranges, mandarin and grapefruit tumbled with an extremely nutrient dense mix of crunchy seeds, coconut and nuts. Super rich in protein, calcium and fibre. Paleo. Vegan.


2 servings of each snack for the week

Immunity Elixir – ALL things immune boosting and anti inflammatory. Think Turmeric activated with black pepper essential oil, alongside cinnamon, ginger and cardamom which together provide a powerhouse of warming, circulation supporting, bacteria busting properties to keep you well over Winter. Sweetened with banana and plenty of healthy fats to keep you on fire.  Vegan. Paleo. 

Aztec Spiced Raw Choc Cookie – Yup, we do a mean clean eating cookie that is packed with magnesium for healthy muscle repair and keeping cramps at bay. Raw Cacao blended with almonds and pecans. Chewy, smells ridiculously amazing and will keep you powered up till you next stop. Vegan. Paleo. 

Salted Caramel Nut Fudge – Imagine a deconstructed Snickers Bar….that’s what we’ve got for you here minus the trans fats that clog your arteries. Macadamias for health health, Brazil Nuts for Thyroid and immune health all wrapped up in a coconut fudge base and drizzled with raw chocolate. SO good. Vegan.  Paleo. 

Veggie Crackers with Cashew Cheese – You wouldn’t believe how much nutrition is packed into these crackers, they really are a meal in a biscuit with epic amounts of raw veggies and omega fatty acids. Smear with cashew cheese for your daily dose of pre and probiotics.  Paleo. Vegan. 

Halva Bombs – Gym junkie fuel or perfect for new mums…anyone really! We’ve crammed a whole lot of plant based protein and essential fatty acids into these babies which means they will keep your metabolism firing. Oh and they are bloody delicious with a glass of cold nut mylk.  Vegan.  Paleo.


Decadent Chocolate Mousse – It’s all good here guys. Silky smooth thanks to the humble avocado and whipped coconut cream. A hint of cinnamon to provide a little warmth and topped with berries & pistachio. Rich in antioxidants and magnesium. Chocolate also makes you happy 🙂

Vegan Option = There is a Vegan option

Vegetarian Option = There is a Vegetarian option

Paleo Option = There is a Paleo option

Vegan = This meal qualifies as Vegan

Vegetarian = This meal qualifies as Vegetarian

Paleo = This meal qualifies as Paleo

Paleo Options may include minimal Quinoa, Corn & Buckwheat.

We are unable to cater for onion, garlic, nut & coriander intolerances.

*Please note that the ingredients are subject to availability. Organic produce can be a little sensitive to weather conditions and some items may not be available. We will substitute any items affected with something just as yum.