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to fast or not to fast

To Fast or Not to Fast

We get so many questions from you as to whether you should fast or not to fast so let’s chew the fat on it. Fasting in general is absolutely good for us otherwise we wouldn’t be offering Juice Cleanses on our menu! Allowing the body a break from digestion stimulates what’s called Autopaghy which is […]

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eat the egg yolk

Why You Should Eat the Egg Yolk

We used to all eat the egg yolk, it wouldn’t have occurred to anyone not to. But then we got scared. We’ve all seen the cartons of ‘ready to go, low fat, high protein’ egg white in the supermarkets. “Perfect for the health conscious” they say from their fluro lit shelf in the fridge section. Gently […]

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Stress Affects Your Health

Stress! It’s defined as “any event that elicits increased cortisol secretion”1, and it’s a bit of a conundrum. We all experience it – it’s hard not to in this day and age. We even wear it as a badge of honour. Stress affects your health big time though. There seems to be a culture that […]

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