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what is health washing

Do You Know What Health Washing Is?

Don’t worry, we’re not about to start offering Coke as an add on product anytime soon we assure you. Coke is however the perfect demonstration of what health washing is in action. A nice natural green coloured label, the word ‘life’ incorporated and stevia the chosen ‘natural’ sweetener of choice. How could it possibly get […]

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biggest food trends for 2016

What’s the Biggest Food Trend for 2016?

What’s the biggest food trend for 2016 do you think? To quote CBC News– “Consumers are increasingly concerned about where their food comes from, so issues like environmental impact, animal welfare, natural versus artificial, and supply-chain transparency influence their buying decisions, making values often matter more than value to consumers.” We kind of like the sound […]

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is going gluten free really necessary

Is Going Gluten Free Really Necessary?

Is going gluten free really necessary? In our opinion, absolutely! Gluten is believed to be potentially an initiating or exacerbating factor in the roughly 100 auto-­immune diseases recognised, with auto-­immunity as a whole recognised to be the third leading cause of morbidity and mortality in the industrialised world. Recent studies have shown a 400 per cent […]

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is salt healthy

Is Salt Healthy?

Is salt healthy? Salt is essential to good health and one of the most critical nutrients on earth for humans. Yet it’s one of the most “beat-up” by the media and medical industry. In fact, chances are you’ve heard some of the following BS at some point from somewhere…

”Salt clogs your arteries. Salt causes high […]

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The WHO har over bacon and red meat

Can I Eat Bacon and Red Meat

Can I Eat Bacon and Red Meat still. That’s what you are all wondering at the moment. There was no missing it last week was there. Every newspaper, blog and A Current Affairs show was riddled with reports about processed meats like Bacon being severely carcinogenic and one of the worst foods man kind can eat…….it’s […]

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