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Make Your Coffee Bulletproof

make your coffee bulletproofIf you are a coffee fiend and just cannot start your day without it, make your coffee bulletproof to protect your adrenals, provide long lasting energy for your brain and nourish your gut at the same time.

You see, straight caffeine provides us a quick jolt of energy which can send our adrenals into overdrive. If you’re prone to the jitters or feel a little anxious after a cup of coffee….. that’s a sure fire sign you’r adrenals are stressed out.

When you add fat to a coffee, you instantly delay the release of the caffeine resulting in a long slow drawn out energy boost rather than a quick fix that gives you the shakes. Think of it as a buffer.

Our favourite fat to add to our bulletproof coffee is Ghee (make sure it is Grass fed and Organic) as it nourishes our digestive fires and is very cooling to the body. It’s also rich in Vitamin A which is crucial for healthy skin, eye and brain development. Coconut oil is obviously an excellent choice as well thanks to it’s antibacterial properties.

Add to that a scoop of gelatine powder for protein (we like Sarah Wilsons because we know it isn’t contributing to deforestation) and gut healing powers and you have a high energy fuel source rich in amino acids to repair muscle, a variety of minerals and nutrients and fat to power up your brain and support a healthy metabolism.

To make a Bulletproof Coffee………..

Take your shot of espresso or plunger coffee and throw it in a blender with a 1/2 cup of boiling water, tablespoon of Ghee/ Coconut Oil/ Butter and a scoop of Gelatin Powder. If you like it sweet, add 5 drops of Stevia to it.

Blend on high for 20 seconds and you should have a super creamy, luscious coffee.

Give it a try and you will feel bulletproof for hours.

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One Response to Make Your Coffee Bulletproof

  1. Valerie. Linney February 7, 2017 at 5:29 pm #

    Sounds EXACTLY what I need right now!!!