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How it works

  1. Current Menus is the place to start. We offer 4 set menus that rotate on a 4 week cycle. We offer an impressive variety of meals to keep your taste buds interested & we refresh our menus through the seasons. Order cut off times are listed on each of the 4 weekly Menus (Tuesday night prior to a Sunday delivery).
  2. Pricing Page is your next stop. Decide what you want from any of the items & packages listed for as many people as you like. Meal Packages & Desserts are the only items that rotate over the 4 weekly Menu cycle, everything else listed on the Pricing page (such as Juice Cleanses, Broth, Smoothies & Soups) are available every week.
  3. Ordering Page is your next favourite page. This page will guide you through all the information we need to successfully process your order. $100 minimum order is the only requirement.
  4. Invoices are emailed out every Tuesday night prior to your requested Sunday delivery. Payments are made by clicking the link included with the emailed invoice. Then hit the PAY NOW button from your online invoice to pay by Credit Card. Payments may show on your Bank statement as Better Days Pty Ltd.
  5. Delivery is every Sunday afternoon between 1pm & 9pm and you’re tucking into your first tasty offering by Monday morning.

Worth a mention…

EVERYTHING that leaves our kitchen is 100% free from gluten, wheat, dairy and refined sugar.

MEAL PACKAGE ORDERING?  You will need to specify in the Dietary Options  section if you are Paleo, I Eat Everything, Vegan, Vegetarian, Pescetarian, No Red Meat, No Seafood… We will select the appropriate qualified Meals & Snacks that meet your requirements. If you are ordering Meal Packages for multiple people, you may need to specify different Dietary Options in the What Would You Like To Order section.

  • An example of what your order may look like is: 5 Days of Lunch & Dinner for 2 people (Paleo). 2 Desserts. 4 Pumpkin Soups.

Choosing No Dietary Requirements means you receive all Meat & Fish options on that weeks Menu by default.

If you don’t receive an automated confirmation email when you first submit your order then it may be the order has not been submitted properly (iPads & similar devices need extra time after hitting the SUBMIT button) or you have mistyped your email address.

Failure to pay an invoice by the due date does NOT mean your order has been cancelled. Without giving us proper notice your order will likely still be prepared and delivered.

  • Order cancelations must be sent to strictly by 6pm on Wednesday prior to delivery. Beyond this time frame you will be required to pay 50% of the original invoice amount, NO EXCEPTIONS.

Organic Produce means there may be some variations to the listed Menu on rare  occasions following unexpected seasonal changes and to make sure we’re using only the best produce for you. On rare occasions ingredients are also subject to availability…Organic produce can be a little sensitive to weather conditions and some items may not be available. We will substitute any ingredients affected with something just as yum. Thanks for your understanding in this matter.

Ordering in Advance can be a far more relaxed affair & will give us an opportunity to respond if we have any questions for you prior to the order cut of times.

If you have any further questions please shoot over to our FAQ page or feel free to send us any direct questions Contact us…we love hearing from you.